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Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events in specified populations, and the application of this study to the control of health problems.  Chambers County Public Health is actively involved in public health surveillance activities or the "on going systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of outcome-specific data for use in the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health practice."

The Texas Health & Safety Code, Chapters 81, 84 and 87 require that specific information regarding certain diseases or injuries be provided to the health department (state, regional or local).  These diseases and injuries are known as "notifiable conditions" and are updated yearly.

Healthcare providers, hospitals, laboratories, schools and other are required to report patients who are suspected of having a notifiable condition (Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 97, Sub-chapter A, Rule 97.2).

These conditions should be reported to your local health department, which investigates each case and then forwards completed cases to the the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Infectious Disease Control Unit. 

Disease Surveillance & Reporting
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Phone: (409) 267-2731

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fax: (409) 267-4276 (secure fax line)

HIV/AIDS patient information should not be sent via fax

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(409) 267-9862

Texas Notifiable Conditions 2023


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  • WHAT: Notifiable conditions in Texas. In addition to these conditions, any outbreaks, exotic diseases, and unusual group expressions of disease must be reported. All diseases shall be reported by name, age, sex, race/ethnicity, DOB, address, telephone number, disease, date of onset, method of diagnosis, and name, address, and telephone number of physician.

    WHEN: The List indicates when to report each condition. Cases or suspected cases of illness considered to be public health emergencies, outbreaks, exotic diseases, and unusual group expressions of disease must be reported to the local health department or DSHS immediately. Other diseases for which there must be a quick public health response must be reported within one working day. All other conditions must be reported to the local health department or DSHS within one week

    HOW: Most notifiable conditions, or other illnesses that may be of public health significance, should be reported directly to Chambers County Health Department or Department of State Health Services. See exceptions marked by * on the Texas Notifiable Conditions List.  Paper reporting forms can be obtained by by downloading the PDF form at the links above in the Reporting Forms area above.  As a last resort or in case of emergency, reports can be made by telephone to the state office at 888-963-7111. After hours this number will reach the physician/epidemiologist-on-call.

  • Epidemiologists play a significant role in the eradication of vaccine preventable diseases.  These approaches and successful actions have revolutionized and revitalized public health.  The eradication of smallpox marked the first time that humans have knowingly removed a disease from earth. Vaccination strategies and ongoing surveillance were primary tools used to successfully eradicate smallpox. Many of these diseases can be prevented with the vaccines. 
  • Communicable Disease Reporting Forms

    Initial Provider Disease Reporting EPI-2
    This reporting form is to be used for most conditions as it is designed to track the collection of the information necessary to classify a case as confirmed, probable or dropped before it is entered into the notifiable conditions' database.

    Confidential Disease Reporting EPI-1
    This reporting form collects information for multiple cases on one piece of paper when that is appropriate. It is not appropriate for disease case reports from multiple reporters to be placed on the same sheet.

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