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Tue, 02 Nov 2021
The district clerk's office has a full time position open until filled. Please see the Employment tab of the county website for details and application.Read more...

The Honorable Patti L. Henry
District Clerk

Since 2008, I have taken great pride in providing our citizens with the highest quality of service possible.

Our office is dedicated to ensuring the preservation of Chambers County's history through the protection and conservation of its records. The dedicated and hardworking staff of my office are committed to providing excellent customer service. 

NEW Physical Address:
2128 SH 61
Anahuac, Texas 77514
Next to Airport Road
Main Number:
(409) 267-2432 

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box NN, Anahuac, Texas 77514

Public Notices



Please verify your summons specifies Grand Jury

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District Court Filing Fees As of January 2020
Significant Change to Criminal Fees

The Texas Constitution, Article 5, Section 9 – “There shall be a Clerk for the District Court of each county, who shall be elected by the qualified voters and who shall hold his office for four years.”

The District Clerk provides support for the district courts, is the custodian of all court pleadings and papers that are part of any cause of action, civil or criminal, in all courts served by the Clerk.  The District Clerk’s duties also include indexing and securing all court records, collecting filing fees, handling funds held in litigation and money awarded to minors, and is the jury manager for the county.

The District Clerk serves the following courts:

  • 344th Judicial District Court, Presiding Judge Randy McDonald
  • 253rd Judicial District Court, Presiding Judge Chap B. Cain, III
  • Three Rivers Cluster Court (CPS), Presiding Judge John Lockwood
  • Attorney General Court, Presiding Judge Charles Moreland

 Date   Cause Number      Name                                                                                  
October 13, 2021 CV29856 Quieten Haskins Aka Quinton Haskins
September 22, 2021 21DCV0718 Lydia Blystone
September 21, 2021 21DCV0246 Diana Lynn Thibaut-Ford
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E-Filing in civil cases is mandatory. E-filing in criminal cases is permissive. Please insure you have indicated your e-service email address in the system, this is different than your correspondence email address.

Pro Se Litigant 
(represent yourself):
We suggest you hire an attorney, however, if you cannot afford one, visit for forms and legal questions.

Self Help Through E-File


Attention Attorneys:

Chambers County does not have one department that magistrates.  Any of our six elected Justices of the Peace officials can magistrate and normally take turns doing so.  Therefore, you must include (along with all other relevant agencies) the correct magistrate in your Application and Order to ensure your client’s case is completely expunged.

In addition, the Office of Court Administration (OCA) should be sent the final Order.  E-Filing the Application for Expunction places the document in re:SearchTx, governed by the OCA, therefore, you must notice the OCA of the order.  Per House Bill 685, 86th legislative session “a court clerk is not responsible for the management or removal of a document from the state database”.

You can send the executed Order two ways:

Email to   

USPS to OCA Legal Division, 205 W. 14th Street, Suite 600, Austin, Texas 78701

They will not accept a fax.

Pro-se litigants:

Pro-se litigants are strongly encouraged to consult an attorney for an expunction of their records.  If you cannot afford an attorney please visit the following websites for guidance:  or

Effective March 1, 2018 the district clerk’s office will be going paperless. This means paper case files will no longer be available for viewing.

We offer two methods of viewing cases. The Online Court Records will direct you to Chambers County – Portal where you can register to view case records and purchase available documents. Or you can come to either of the District Clerk locations, located at the Anahuac Courthouse and West Annex, to view records on our public access terminals.

Pursuant to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures-Rule 21(F) (13), “Official Record. The clerk may designate an electrically filed document or a scanned paper document as the official court record. The clerk is not required to keep both paper and electronic versions of the same document unless otherwise required by local rule.”

We are excited to offer these services. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our office for assistance.

Passports (Pasaporte español AQUÍ)

The Chambers County District Clerk’s office is a designated Passport Acceptance Agency.

You can complete the passport application and bring it in or fill one out in our office.  We can take a picture for you (an additional cost of $10.00) and complete the application process in the office.   

Pegado encontraran un video de YouTube con informacion y instrucciones para llenar la applicacion DS-11 en Espanol. Para la pagina precione aqui: Addicional, encontraran la pagina con los precios aqui: (insert fee sheet here)

Costs are as follows:

Adult passport book - $110.00, adult passport card - $30.00,

Children under 16 - book - $80.00, children under 16 - card - $15.00, children must be present.

Both payable to the U.S. Department of State by check or money order.

In addition, an execution fee of $35.00 per person payable to Chambers County by any payment type.

If you were born in Chambers County and you do not have your birth certificate you can purchase one at the County Clerk’s office located in the basement of the courthouse.

Our new location is 2128 SH 61, Anahuac, Texas 77514, east of Airport Road.  We have extended our office hours to be open thru lunch

We take passport applications Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the new location.  Services are also offered in the West Annex by appointment, call 409-267-2432.  Please no hats, shirts with logos, or white shirts allowed for the passport photo.

Purchase either a passport book or a card.  I recommend you purchase both.  It is good to keep the book in the safe of your cruise ship or hotel when leaving the country.  You carry your card with you for proof of citizenship.  That way, if your wallet or purse is stolen you still have your book to get back into the country.  If you take a cruise and you have an emergency and have to fly back, you cannot fly without the book.

For specifics questions about travel, to download the application ahead of time or to view the costs to purchase a book and a card, see the link below to the U.S. Department of State


Online Court Records Search Engine

How to: Case Search

Chambers County is happy to announce a new feature “search hearings” available on Portal.  This feature allows you to search hearing settings, or what we call “dockets”, by cause number, party name, attorney name and court.  Please follow the link to a short tutorial about this new feature and follow us on Facebook @ Chambers County District Clerk's Office for information about future tutorials. They can also be viewed here on our Chambers County website.

Portal is the new search engine for Chambers County court records available in the district, county and justice of the peace courts.  You can search court records by name, record (case) number, and date range.  You can also make payments on cases.
To search Smart Search by date range click the Advanced Filtering Options. Above that enter an asterisk (*) in the Enter a Record Number field.  Then scroll down to Search Cases and enter your date range.
Notifications on the front page will guide you through the registration options available to you. 
For additional information, contact the clerk’s office in which your case is pending. 


How to: Hearing Search

Pro Se Litigant Self Help Through E-File

File Your Court Case on the Internet
If you are representing yourself in court, you can now create and file many court forms using the E-FileTexas Self Help website. This website can help you prepare legal documents. You will be guided through a series of questions, and your answers will help automatically prepare and file your court forms online. Get started at and watch their introduction video. Use E-FileTexas Self Help to file court for:
Additional help can be found on and

  • Linda Haynes - Civil & Family Deputy/Appeals
    (409) 267-2433

    Peyton Sanders - Criminal Deputy
    (409) 267-2434

    Hannah Barefield - Civil & Family Deputy 
    (409) 267-2435

    Heather Lanferman - Chief Deputy
    (409) 267-2437

    Melissa Fechner - Criminal Deputy/Appeals
    (409) 267-2444

    Jasmine Selva - Quality Control
    (409) 267-2459

    Sara Ogden - Quality Control/Jury
    (409) 267-2488

    Beth Till - Civil, Family Deputy
    (409) 267-2481  

    Front Desk
    (409) 267-2432


Office Hours and Locations

Anahuac Mont Belvieu
Chambers County Courthouse - District Clerk's Office Mont Belvieu District Clerk's Office
2128 State Highway 61,
Anahuac, Texas 77514
10616 Eagle Drive
Mont Belvieu, Texas 77523
(409) 267-2432 (409) 267-2666
Fax: (409) 267-8209  

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to  5 p.m. OPEN FOR LUNCH 

Extended Passport Hours:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. OPEN FOR LUNCH

Office Hours:

Wednesday and Thursday 1:30pm to 4pm

Friday 8:30am to 11am and 1pm to 4pm

Passport Hours:

Wednesday and Thursday 1:30pm to 4pm

Friday 8:30am to 11am and 1pm to 4pm

Passport applications are accepted by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome on a first come-first served basis. 

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