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Fire Marshal

Ryan Holzaepfel
 Fire Marshal

Randy Burlin
Deputy Fire Marshal

102 Airport Rd.
PO Box 957
Anahuac, Texas 77514

The Chambers County Fire Marshal conducts plans reviews and inspections for public buildings, commercial establishments, and multi-family dwellings with four or more units in unincorporated Chambers County, and the cities of Anahuac, Beach City, Cove, and Old River-Winfree.  The current adopted fire code is International Fire Code, 2015 Edition.


Permitting and Review Steps

1.  Submit construction application and plans via the online portal at  Upload your construction plans to the portal, including adequate details and information, so that your project may be reviewed.  Include the "Plans Review Information Sheet" with your plans upload (form above).

2.  Your project must be reviewed for Health/Environmental, Drainage, and Fire Code;

3.  Once approvals are complete, and appropriate fees have been paid, the permit will be issued and may be downloaded via the permitting portal.  Fees may be paid online with credit cared or in-person at the Permit Office, 201 Airport Road, Anahuac, TX.

4.  Commercial projects must be inspected by the Fire Marshal and issued a Certificate of Compliance upon completion, BEFORE the building is occupied.

Information Required to Complete Plans Reviews and Fire Permits:

Buildings and Structures

Adequate information must be included with construction plans in order to review for fire code compliance, or the review cannot be completed.  Please include the following information and details on the plans:

  1. a site plan to scale for the property including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Location of the proposed building in relation to adjacent buildings and property lines, with distances to each called out;
    2. Location of proposed fire lanes and fire apparatus access roads with distances to buildings called out;
    3. Location of existing fire hydrants and proposed fire hydrants with distances between fire hydrants and distances to buildings and fire lanes called out; and
    4. Location of fire department connection(s) in relation to the structure(s) it serves.

  2. a floor plan to scale for each level of the building including, but not limited to the following:

    1. Types of construction materials and class of interior finish;
    2. Location of all exits with distances between exits called out – exit width, type andany special requirement shall be stated, including fire exit hardware;
    3. Location of any fire alarm equipment, automatic sprinklers, emergency lighting, etc. required to meet this Code;
    4. Defined occupancy classification and occupancy load;
    5. North arrow, accurate legend, door and wall schedules; and
    6. Each room labeled with specific use and square footage.

If unable to determine from the information submitted whether a permit should be issued, the Fire Code Official may require the submission of additional information, drawings, specifications or documents.

Plans for construction or substantial improvement to buildings and facilities required to be designed by an architect or engineer, according to Texas statutes, shall be stamped and certified by an architect or engineer authorized to practice in the State of Texas.  The Fire Code Official is authorized to require plans and specifications to be stamped by an architect or engineer for any other building, structure, or facility deemed necessary by the Fire Code Official (Ref. Chambers County Fire Code Sec. 104).

Site Plans Only

For projects needing a site plan review that do not involve structures, please submit and application and upload the site plan to the permitting portal.

Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Vent Hood Suppression, or Other Fire Systems

These require a separate permit and review process.  Please submit them via the online permitting portal, and upload associated system drawings.

Fireworks Displays

Fireworks and pyrotechnic displays required a review, approval, and permit.  Please submit via the online permitting portal, and include associated site plans, indicating distances to the audience, buildings, and fireworks.

Flammable or Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks

Please submit via the online permitting portal, and include a site plan indicating distances to buildings from the tank, distances to property lines, product used, tank type, and tank identification numbers as applicable.

As-Built Certificate and Request For Final Inspection

When the construction of buildings or structures are complete, please fill out the “As-Built Certificate” form and upload to the permit portal.  Please note that in some cases the general contractor must complete the form, but in some cases an architect or engineer must complete and stamp the form.  You may email the fire marshal at when you are ready to schedule your final inspection.


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