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Justices of the Peace

  • Precinct 1
    211 Broadway Ave.
    Mailing: PO Box 332
    Winnie, Texas 77665

    Phone:  409-296-8247 
    Fax:       409-296-8651 

    Janet Vayon, Chief Clerk
    Melissa Cormier, Clerk
    Yvette Sonnier, Clerk

  • Precinct 2 
    300 Cummings Street
    Mailing: PO Box 971
    Anahuac, Texas 77514

    Phone:  409-267-2519
    Fax:       409-267-3120

    Marci Van Deventer, Chief Clerk 
    Vickie Jo Perez, Clerk
    Taylor Wilcox, Clerk

  • Precinct 3
    9310 FM 562
    Mailing: PO Box 1407
    Anahuac, Texas 77514

    Phone:  409-252-4212
    Fax:       409-252-4479
    Marci Van Deventer, Chief Clerk
  • Precinct 4
    10616 Eagle Drive
    Mailing: PO Box 827
    Mont Belvieu, Texas 77580

    Phone:  281-383-3197
    Fax:       281-385-2158

    Vicky Page, Chief Clerk 
    Jimmie Wheeler, Clerk

  • Precinct 5
    524 No. 9 Road
    Mailing: PO Box 2
    Wallisville, Texas 77597

    Phone:  409-267-2561
    Fax:       409-389-2411

    Autumn Poole, Chief Clerk
    Grace Blackburn, Clerk
    Maria Diaz, Clerk 

  • Precinct 6
    7711 Highway 146
    Baytown, Texas 77523

    Phone:  409-267-2570 
    Fax:       281-573-1823
    Tammy Jenkins, Chief Clerk
    Julene Losier, Clerk
    Sandy Lendy, Clerk
About the Office:  
The justices of the peace are elected for a term of four years from each justice precinct in the county. The justices of the peace are the presiding officers of the justice courts, the small claims courts (up to $10,000.00), and have jurisdiction over minor misdemeanor offenses (Class C). They also have jurisdiction in civil matters where the amount in controversy does not exceed $10,000.00. A variety of civil processes, as well as arrest and search warrants, can be issued by the justices of the peace.

The justices of the peace may also preside over hearings pertaining to suspension of driver licenses and conduct other hearings and inquests. The J.P.'s may conduct marriage ceremonies and serve as ex officio notary publics for the precinct.
Other duties and responsibilities include:
  • Rendering judgments;
  • Ordering sheriff or constables to summon jurors;
  • Administering oaths to the officers;
  • Excusing jurors;
  • Entering fines against defaulting jurors;
  • Issuing writs of sequestration, garnishment, and attachments within the limits of jurisdiction;
  • Questioning witnesses or parties;
  • Keeping criminal dockets of trials;
  • Issuing warrants for arrest for criminal offenses committed in his presence and which he has jurisdiction to try;
  • Receiving complaints of offenses which he has jurisdiction to try;
  • Issuing writs to summon jurors for criminal matters in which a jury trial is desired;
  • Taking sworn statements from witnesses;
  • Receiving applications for and issuing distress warrants;
  • Conducting marriage ceremonies;
  • Ordering autopsies as requested by the district attorney or county attorney; and
  • Numerous other tasks.

The justices of the peace also have various other duties related to the judicial function, such as:
  • Having jurisdiction over misdemeanor violations of the Cosmetology Act;
  • Having jurisdiction to hold hearings to determine if driver's licenses should be revoked or suspended and reports the finding to the Department of Public Safety;
  • Conducting hearings to determine whether probable cause existed for the towing and storage of a motor vehicle without the owner's consent;
  • Conducting hearings concerning financial responsibility under the Safety Responsibility Law;
  • Administering and certifying oaths and affidavits;
  • Receiving referrals for inquests into causes of death;
  • Permitting the taking of body parts and tissue for transplant or other therapy (Only under certain conditions);
  • Receiving complaints from attendance officers for violations of compulsory school attendance laws;
  • Ordering the sale of seized perishable goods, when necessary; and
  • Numerous other tasks.

* A JUSTICE COURT INFORMATION FORM is REQUIRED to be filed along with any ORIGINAL PETITION, including Eviction, Justice Civil (Small Claims), Debt Claim and Repair & Remedy cases.

It is each parties responsibility to file the correct number of copies needed.  The COURT, gets the original document, and there should be a copy for the Plaintiff and one for EACH defendant.  If you want file stamped copies returned to you by mail, YOU must provide a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Important - It is always best to have a lawyer.  The law and court proceedings are complicated, and lawyers have legal training.  A lawyer can help you understand your rights and options and help get the best result possible in your case.  Sometimes even simple matters can have consequences that you are not aware of or do not understand.

    Self-Represented Litigants Forms:
    Small Claims Plaintiff
    Small Claims Defendant
    Eviction Plaintiff
    Eviction Defendant
    Debt Claim Defendant

    The Judges would be honored to perform your wedding either at his office or at a location of your choosing.  Fees may vary depending on date, time and location of your wedding.  

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